Oakbridge Subdivision

At Total Tactilez we’re pleased to have been able to provide a solution and assist with the brand new Oakbridge subdivision in the North of Christchurch.

This is a large three-stage project, which once completed will consist of approximately 450 residential sections ranging in size from 300m2 to 600m2. 

The developer gave a lot of consideration to road widths, cycleways and reserves, wanting to ensure that the environment was one that residents could enjoy and be proud to be a part of. 

All new subdivisions built in New Zealand are required to use tactile indicators on pathways and crossings. This is to help achieve NZTA’s goal of making walking a safer and more attractive way to get about for all people, including vision-impaired pedestrians. The RST 14 document contains the official guidelines that at CMT Group, we’re very familiar with and we ensure our products and installations uphold these standards. 

In the Oakbridge Subdivision safety was paramount, along with the aesthetics and longevity of the tactile indicators, whilst still being in keeping with the environment. We worked with Sean Monaghan from the development group Suburban Estates, to come up with tactile indicators and directional bars that are fully stainless steel. We then provided official certification and installation, whilst complying with the NZ standards that are required. 

You can take a look and learn more about the Oakbridge Subdivision on their website.

If you would like to know more about the official standards for tactile indicators or are unsure whether your residential areas uphold the guidelines as set out by the NZTA, have a chat with one of our specialists who'd be happy to take a look at your project.

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