Paekakariki Railway Crossing

Paekakariki Railway Crossing

Paekakariki Railway Crossing


Not far from the historic Paekakariki Railway Station, Total Tactilez sort to protect the pedestrians accessing the site. The team endorses improvements like for the blind and visually and impaired to move in safe environments.

Paekakariki Railway Crossing directional bars
Paekakariki Railway Crossing bars
Paekakariki station

Installing Tactile Tape on a working railroad means Total Tactilez must comply with NZ Rail safety procedures.  The project also involved Polyurethane Tactile Studs either side of the crossing on the concrete surface. The team has taken out a number of installation project on pedestrian railway crossings and railway station platforms.

And as for the residents? Click Here to see how they have responded.


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