"To inspire, assist and exceed the standards of every individual and entity with which we come in contact, and to drive for and deliver safer environments in every circumstance we are involved in."



A wide range of Tactiles, Stair Nosings, Anti-slip & Accessibility products.

Total Tactilez™ presents a diverse and unique range of Tactile Ground Surface Indicators, Stair Nosings, Floor Trims, Accessibility and Anti Slip Products. Together they create the safer public environments of today and the future.

Tactile Ground Surface Indicators installed in pedestrian/public areas create safer walking spaces for everyone. They particularly benefit those with impaired vision, while increasing the anti-slip rating of your surfaces.

The person can feel the raised bars or studs of the Tactile through the feet or cane to direct visually impaired people along the pedestrian path. Visually the bright color contrast means that the Tactiles are detectable if possible. Tactile Ground Surface Indicators help you create safe walking spaces for all people to navigate with dignity and independence.

Stair Nosings create a safer step edge by providing visual contrast to the surrounding substrate.  The design has leading-edge anti-slip properties creating a safer step edge in all environments.  With our architectural and safety packed designs, Total Tactilez Stair Nosings provide the ultimate step edge safety and protection for surrounding floor coverings.

Developed in consultation with architects,  RFNZB Foundations, Local Government Boards, Engineers, Designers, and Planners, we can provide a custom solution for you.  Our custom solutions include tactile hazard and directional indicators, anti-slip surface treatments, a wide range of stair nosings and various other surface improvement products.

Total Tactilez is proud of our reputation as creators of safer public environments, covering New Zealand, Australia, and the Pacific.

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