• Can I find your products on Masterspec

Anyone on with access to Masterspec is able to find our range of products and to make life easier they can be found using the CBI codes below

66142T Nosing & Trims
6615TT Interior Tactiles
8281TT Exterior Tactiles

  • Where can peel and stick mats be used

Peel and stick mats are suitable for temporary crossings eternally but are ideally best used in internal applications

  • Can you supply and install

We can supply and install products anywhere in New Zealand and Pacific regions​

  • Are all our products compliant to the codes required

All our products are compliant with the NZ Building Code, Slip Resistance, NZTA Road Authority and D1 Access Routes

  • Can I get samples before I purchase

Yes we have samples of all our products and these can be couriered to you with the exception of pavers

  • Can I buy direct from you

Yes absolutely. We deal with flooring suppliers, builders, hardware supplies stores and retail customers alike

  • How can I purchase your products

Through a flooring supplier, builder, hardware merchant or direct.

  • What are the lead times if you run out of stock

Majority of our product is stocked however if there is not sufficient quantity of a product which is imported out of Australia it will take between 2 to 4 weeks maximum depending on manufacturers stock availability

  • Are your products covered by a warranty

The majority of our products come with a 5 year warranty

  • Are you products easy to install

Our products were designed to make life easy. It depends on the ability of the installer however we do have installers if you decide not to proceed with installation yourself

  • Do you provide sales support for installation issues

We have sales staff who travel around the country and can assist with installation methods and common and installers we can get to discuss installation