Enhance your Stairway with Stair Nosings

Stair Nosings & TreadsStairway nosings protect your stairs from damage, improve the safety of stair users, and provide another design aspect to your building to enhance the look of your stairways, external or internal.

Total Tactilez have a wide range of stair tactiles available, but which one is right for you? It depends on your needs.


Stairways can take a beating. Transporting heavy equipment up stairs can result in dings and scratches in the stairs that take away from the look of your building. Total Tactilez Stair Nosing range provides many functional options that feature strong aluminium construction. These look great and are built so strong that they will remain that way despite heavy use and traffic. 

Check out our Domain Series for some practical, simple stair nosing ideas that will give you excellent stair nosing edge protection to ensure your stairways keep looking good for years.


Sometimes your stairway needs protection but also to provide an extra architectural design aspect. Whether internal or external, our stair nosing range provides some great options for when sleek good looks are needed.

The Fusion Series of stair nosings have a minimal design, so they don’t dominate the look of the stairs but give that edge and slip protection that is needed. You may also consider whether a specialist stair nosing is appropriate, the Instep Series of rebated stair nosings are particularly minimal in their design, rebated into the stair surface for a very diminutive look; while the Luminescent Series of glow-in-the-dark stair nosings not only look great but enhance safety in poorly-lit areas.

Anti-slip properties

Stair safety is a huge issue for commercial building owners and users, ideally no-one should ever be hurt at your work site, and stairs can be a particular hazard when slips and falls occur.

This is where the Grip and Traction Series of stair nosings come into their own. The Grip and Traction Series, as the name suggests, gives your stairway users the ultimate surface for walking up or down stairs.  The Carborundum surfaces feature excellent anti-slip performance, and can choose from stylish black options, to very high visibility yellow options for when safety is the most important issue.

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The Total Tactilez range of stair nosings also feature specialist options for carpeted stairways with the Podium Series, and concrete stairways with the Silhouette Series. Our Rebated Stair Nosings also provide a different design style for you to consider, and while you may find the amount of options overwhelming, we have a team of skilled experts ready to help you when you contact us.

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