Stair Nosing Colours

Why you need to choose your stair nosing colours now

When designing your new or retrofit office space, commercial premise, or shopfront, it’s a good idea to think about your stair nosings early on the project. Stair nosings play an important part in the longevity of your flooring material and complete the look of your stairs. Most have a safety rating to protect from nasty slips or falls, enabling a sturdy surface for all pedestrians.

We can all agree that part of a new design is getting the aesthetic consistent across the project, so why leave stair nosings to last minute?

Many installers are booked up weeks in advance and if you want a unique style, it may have to be ordered in. The overall look and feel of your project will need to be considered early on so make sure you answer these questions and lock in your stair nosings as soon as possible.

First of all, who will be using the stairs?

Are you designing for corporate professionals, school children, farmers, or artists? Each come with a unique set of requirements, so it is important to identify their needs. There are different safety requirements for each user.

Do you have a colour scheme or look and feel you are trying to achieve i.e modern, cottage, industrial, Scandinavian?

Most stair nosings can come in a huge range of colours that can complement any design features while providing safety solutions.

Do you have a preferred material?

An aluminium nosing will look significantly different to PVC, bronze, rubber, brass or wood. Sometimes this consideration will come down to cost as opposed to design but remember the best materials stand the test of time and can often withstand a larger volume of traffic. If you don’t have it in your budget now, its worth noting that a more affordable option may need replacing in five years.

The shape and size of the stair nosing will depend on what it’s being attached to i.e. carpet vs concrete or wood finish. A straight staircase compared to a curved staircase will also need consideration. You’ll be able to talk to an expert that can measure and advise exactly what will be best for your project. The Total Tactilez team at CMT Group are available across New Zealand for quoting and advice, reach out to them today for your next project.

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