How to install stair nosing

While we do provide an installation service, it may be easier for you to do it yourself. When you receive your stair nosings, they arrive with the correct number of screws to install. All you’ll need is a trusty drill, a brush to remove dust, an adhesive such as Tredfx CA290, and a screw drive to finish it off. 

Stair nosing specialist Dale Faulkner says "For best results, make sure you start with all the right tools and a clean and tidy workspace". 

Download the full pdf for instructions and make sure you prepare your stairs as follows:

Step 1:  Please check the product supplied, and read the entire instructions before starting any installation.

Step 2: Prepare the surface to be as smooth as possible. All surfaces should be flat, free from dust, paint, grease, and moisture.

Step 3:  Layout the stair nosing profiles on the stairs or use a straight edge or string line to ensure that all the stair nosings are properly centred on the steps, with the edges aligned. If required, trim the profiles using a drop saw with a high-speed tungsten carbide blade.


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