tactile installation

NZTA installation guide - available now

tactile installation

Tactile ground surface indicators (TGSIs/ tactile paving) exist so there are more accessible environments for all people. Particularly those who are blind or have low vision. But did you know each council around New Zealand has its own specifications for Tactile Indicator installations? The regulations exist depending on the amount of traffic passing through an area, the potential UV damage to the colourful paver or tactile, and the potential anti-slip capabilities.

So before laying tactiles, it’s important you check with your local authorities about the specifications they require. If you have trouble finding the right person, our Total Tactilez specialists Dale or Jayden can also offer you advice.

When it comes to setting up the project, NZTA have a guide available to help installers understand the best way to set it out. It gives clear guidance about standard tactile indicator layouts for typical crossings and intersections. A great tool for consultants and engineers in the transport and roading industry to assist with urban road design, and construction.

The guide covers best practice for installing warning indicators, directional indicators, tactile indicator products, and utilities to name a few. It has typical road layouts with easy-to-follow diagrams so you can get it right. If in doubt, give us a call and we can help with the answers. Click below to download the NZTA installation guide.



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