Rebated Bar Nosings

Aluminium Instep Rebated Bar Nosing


  • Aluminium manufactured using alloys 6063 and T5 to make a durable hardwearing temper.
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Suitable for retrofit situations



2000mm, (Cut-to-length service available)


Rebated Aluminium Bar Nosing that is inserted into cut grooves using epoxy.

Suitable for Concrete, Tiles, Pavers, Timber & Stone Paver Substrates


Aluminium temper using 6063 and T5

These bars are suited for high foot traffic areas as they are extremely durable. They are anodized to 25Um to prevent corrosion. They are a one piece construction with flanges to cover cut marks and provide sufficient contrast and slip-resistance to meet the requirements of NZ4121:2001 and D1/AS1 Access Codes.