GKB022 Tredfx Gript Series Treadplate

GKB022 Carborundum Fibreglass Anti-Slip Plate

• Anti-slip sheet in various sizes
• Rugged non-slip fibreglass durable and UV resistant
• Can be cut to suit
• Not affected by high levels of moisture so ideal for wet areas
• Ideally suited for industrial applications and fire escapes
• Non-conductive
• Fire retardent
• Resistant to most chemicals


1200x1200mm, 1200x600mm, 600x600mm, 400x600mm (Sheets can be custom cut to suit your requirements)

Tredfx Gript treadplates can be fixed to most substrates for indoor and outdoor use

Black, Yellow

Install stair nosings to all exterior stairs in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Fix with stainless steel screws and or construction adhesive depending on the substrate.

Fibreglass / Carborundum

The anti-slip carborundum treadplate has been released to meet the need for a non-slip material that is able to withstand extremes. It is popular for use on metallic surfaces that get slippery when wet, fire escapes and industrial applications. Ideal for use in manufacturing plants and in industrial applications as it is resistant to most chemicals and is not affected by high levels of moisture so can be used in washdown bays, areas that are cleaned regularly or on external wet areas. These sheets are non-conductive and fire retardant.