Anti slip stair nosing

GKR030 Tredfx Gript Series

Fibreglass Anti-slip Stair Nosing (INDENT ONLY PRODUCT)


  • Rugged non-slip fibreglass carborundum
  • Short faced front
  • Racked backĀ 
  • Square front



5850mm, (Cut-to-length service available)


Ideal for use on most hard substrates e.g. concrete, steel stairs, timber, vinyl and cork


Fibreglass anti-slip compound with carborundum

The Tredfx series has been released to meet the demand for stair nosing that is able to withstand extreme fluctuations in temperature, moisture and UV. It is a popular product for fire escapes both internally and externally, industrial applications where chemicals are involved, wet areas, it is non-conductive and fire retardent.