Polyurethane Tactile Studs

Polyurethane Tactile Studs


Aesthetically pleasing. Our high visibility, hazard indicator tactile studs can be installed on most substrates including concrete, asphalt, tiles, pavers, terrazzo, wood, carpet, vinyl and glass. Has high luminance contrast (45% as required by AS1428.4.1 2009).
Slip resistant, extremely hard wearing and durable with great anti-slip performance.
Suitable for internal and external use.
UV Stable.
Easy to install.
Proven use in Australian and NZ conditions Will not crack, fracture or chip with substrate movement.
Not reliant on adhesives.



35mm diameter 


Manufactured from thermoplastic polyurethane, with checker pattern on surface for extra slip resistance. UV stable, non-fading material.


Hazard profile only. Stem in either Star Shaft for Concrete or Fin Shaft for Asphalt, both at 25mm long. Star Shaft stem also comes in12mm. See 'Designs' under the Benefits tab for more detail.


Pathfinder Tactile Indicators provide excellent slip resistance and have been tested by the CSIRO, test numbers 2466.08s, 2020sa and 2466.07s. New Zealand test by Opus International Consultants. Lab ref no. 1-L0050.00 test 002/05. Details available from Total Tactilez.


Pathfinder Tactile Indicators are resistant to most common acids, alkalis, oils and greases.


Must be in accordance with PFSA installation instructions. Pathfinder Tactile Indicators are suitable for internal and external application.


Pathfinder tactile indicators conform to the following standards: AS/NZS1428.4.1:2009 and RTS14:2007


PFSA warrants all their products within the terms of PFSA standard warranty, against specific suitable installation when installed correctly as per PFSA installation procedure. Consult Total Tactilez for any specific test reports if required.

We make PFSA Tactile Studs from high-quality urethane materials, that are injection moulded to form a very tough, ultra-strong Tactile Stud. Achieving a very high anti-slip rating, the PFSA Tactiles are available in most colours for both indoor and outdoor use and is no doubt, New Zealand's most popular tactile indicator. All designed and produced according to various standards from New Zealand, Australia and the UK, our Tactile studs are fully compliant and meet with excellence, RTS14 & AS/NZS 1428.4.1.2009.

Suitable applications are to concrete, pavers, blue stone, basalt, granite, asphalt, timber decking, vinyl, carpet, Marmoleum, composite flooring etc.

All Total Tactilez PFSA Tactile Studs, come with a stem back, friction fit design that requires no epoxy for most applications.


  • PFSA 12mm Star Shaft Hazard Indicators (for use in granite/basalt/bluestone pavers, timber decking, composite flooring, carpet)

  • PFSA 25mm Star Shaft Hazard Indicators (for use in concrete, concrete pavers, vinyl, carpet, Marmoleum)

  • PFSA 25mm Fin Shaft Hazard Indicators (for asphalt use only)

We can provide supply and install any of these products, New Zealand wide, and also supply DIY kits including template layout patterns and epoxy (if needed) along with the PFSA Stud Indicators.