directional concrete pavers

Tactile directional concrete pavers

Directional / Lead In / Type C Tactile Pavers are available in three thicknesses: Tacpad 25mm, Tacmed 40mm and TacXL 60mm.

Standard Colours available: Yellow & Cycleway Green


  • Other colour options available on request
  • Size 300mm x 300mm
  • Tacpad 25mm: matches well with asphalt and light weight reduces freight costs
  • Tacmed 40mm: ideal depth for a pedestrian paver
  • TacXL 60 mm: traffic paver, recommended for heavy vehicle use
  • Very high anti-slip rating
  • Aids visually impaired
  • Should be used in conjunction with hazard/warning pavers

Manufactured from 50Mpa Concrete to ensure a strong and hard-wearing paver.


TacTiles Directional profiles are manufactured from 55mpa coloured high quality UV stabilised concrete resulting in superb abrasion and excellent anti-slip properties.

Tacpad Directional profiles are 25mm thick allowing the tiles to be installed into areas that have limited depth, or installed by working into wet concrete. Tacmed Directional profiles are 40mm thick and are ideal for pedestrian pavers. TacXL Directional profiles are 60mm thick and recommended for heavy vehicle usage.

New Zealand test by Opus International Consultants Tested -  LAB ref number 06-527919.18. Full test report details available from Total Tactilez Solutions

TacTile Concrete Tactile indicators conform to AS/NZS 1428.4.1:2009 and RTS14: 2007

AS/NZS 3661.1 requires that when tested wet the pedestrian surface shall have a mean coefficient of friction not less than 0.4, and no specimen in that sample shall be less than
0.35. Compliance with the slip resistance performance of NZBC D1.3.3(d) may be verified by confirming that the walking surface, under the expected conditions of use, has a
coefficient of friction no less than minimum coefficient = 0.4 + (0.0125 x % gradient of slope). Test method: AS/NZS 3661.1:1993: Slip Resistance of pedestrian surfaces. Part 1, Appendix A: Method for the Measurement of the Coefficient of Friction of Wet Surfaces.

• Aesthetically pleasing
• Can be installed as the concrete is laid, saving extra trips to site
• Suitable for exterior use
• Other colours available on request
• Has high luminance contrast (45% as required by AS1428.4:2002)
• Available in Hazard and Directional profiles