Colorluminator technology

Luminance Testing

Colorluminator technology

Total Tactilez™ is pleased to announce that we’ve obtained Colorluminator™ technology, giving us the exclusive right to use this throughout New Zealand.

This incredibly useful tool allows our teams to carry out luminance contrast testing during design or at time of installation with instant reporting. The Tristimulus Colourimeter Photometrix Device produces a professional compliance report that meets Australian, New Zealand and International Standards

We can answer your questions and make sure that your TGSI's or whatever orhter complimentary products installations pass the requirements necessary, giving you peace of mind.

The Colorluminator is designed for:
Compliance Officers and Certifiers
Builders & Government Authorities
Building Surveyors

luminance testing
Luminance testing service

Current measuring techniques services are limited and expensive
Produces inexpensive quality test results
On site measurement accuracy
Speed of information

Calculates luminance contrast to Australian/New Zealand and International Standards by request
Produces luminance contrast and luminous reflectance reports quickly and easily in the field
Use on: Signs, Tactile Indicators and, in fact, any building components!

The ColorluminatorTM began as the Science project of two Year 12 students at Redeemer Baptist School who were selected by the Science Teachers’ Association of NSW to represent Australia at the International Science and Engineering Fair in the USA. Their prototype and scientific research won recognition throughout Australia and around the world. Pathfinder Systems Australia accepted the challenge to develop local and international markets for this unique instrument, thus enabling simple luminance contrast measurements to be made in support of people with vision loss. Total Tactilez then obtained the exclusive right throughout New Zealand to use the ColorluminatorTM technology in New Zealand.


At last, an easy-to-operate, accurate and affordable luminance contrast reading instrument that takes away the guesswork on site. Access consultants and other industry users will find the ColorluminatorTM an extremely easy piece of equipment to use...

Mr Celestine McCuskey, Principal of Pathfinder

As Chair of the Australian Standards committees responsible for the development of the AS1428 Suite of Standards, I am pleased to see the 'ColorluminatorTM' is now available for those wishing to measure luminance contrast between two or more building components. This will be an excellent tool that will bring the otherwise daunting task of measuring luminance contrast within the reach and ability of all Consultants, Architects, Building Surveyors, Engineers, Urban Planners and other professions working in the building industry. We are proud to see an Australian school and an Australian company being the leaders in this field, as it is a world first.

Mr Murray Mountain, Chairperson of the ME64 Standards Australia – responsible for AS1428 Suite of Standards

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