Rubber Wheel Stops

Car Park Wheel Stops

The Traffi-Tec® Rubber Car Park Wheelstops are used to prevent vehicles from travelling into other parking spaces or surrounding buildings.

Rubber Wheel Stops are the superior choice for your car park compared with Concrete Wheel Stops. Rubber is easier to transport & install, is far more durable and long-lasting, plus they carry far more aesthetic appeal.

Our Wheel Stops create a tidy and professional look to your car park, improving usability, safety and value, and they are made from recycled materials! 



TRAFFI-TEC Recycled Rubber Wheel Stops

Ideal for protecting structures from vehicle damage and preventing vehicles from encroaching into pedestrian areas in car parks.
They help keep vehicles within designated parking areas and protect surrounding property such as walls, windows, planter boxes and more.

Black with hi-vis reflective yellow panels for maximum visibility at day and night. Commonly used in car park buildings, supermarkets, shopping malls, facility areas and numerous other places.

These car park wheel stops are 1650mm long and 100mm high to comply with the recently updated Australian standard AS2890.1:2004
Include pre-moulded fixing holes for fast and easy installation. They also present a very clean professional image of your car park.


Concrete Surface:
M12 x 180mm Trubolt (Code: 49-FCT12) - 3 required per Wheel Stop
Asphalt Surface:
M12 x 300mm Galv Spike (Code: 49-FR12) - 3 required per Wheel Stop
Adhesive for Concrete or Asphalt:
For use where water proofing membrane is present and cannot be pierced. Bondurox C - 600gm tube. (Code: 49-BCA) - 1 tube per 2 Wheel Stops


Recycled materials won’t chip or corrode
Complies with appropriate standard AS2890.1:2004
Hi-vis chevrons create good visibility
One man lift for cost effective and easy installation
Flexible and will conform to most road surface