antislip stair surface

TKR016 Tredfx Carborundum Surface Tread

TKR016 Carborundum Traction Bar

• Anti-slip ramp or surface tread
• Slip-resistant carborundum
• Ramped edges
• Also can be used for stairs


1200mm, 2400mm

Able to fix on most hard surfaces, outdoor or indoor use
Fix with stainless steel screws through pre-drilled countersunk holes 

Black, Yellow

Install stair nosings to all exterior stairs in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Fibreglass / Carborundum

Whether used on stairs or on ramps, the carborundum slip-resistant series offers high levels of slip-resistance wherever installed. Available in the rigid format of traction bars, this range is an economical and simple way to minimise costly slip-and-fall accidents. All of these products are suitable for internal or external use and are highly recommended for application to all access ramps.

The TKR016 Stair Tread is manufactured from premium fibreglass and are resistant to most chemicals. They are non-conductive, fire retardant and not affected by high levels of moisture. Ideally suited for external applications.

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